2016 ICT Excellence Awards

On Thursday 8 December the winners of the 2016 ICT Excellence Awards were announced in the Merchant Hotel, Belfast. 

Six schools - three Primary and three Post Primary were in the running for the Awards, in two different categories.  The category we were being judged under was Transforming Teaching and Learning through Technology.

I am absolutely delighted that we were announced as Runners Up in our category!

When the judges visited our school in late September I would describe them as having been close to forensic in their questioning.  On the back of having received a detailed application in advance, they quizzed staff, students and governors on all aspects of our use of ICT.  They analysed everything - from our work in Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 through to how ICT is used to support our boys at A-level, how it is used in terms of tracking individual student performance and how we use data to support the Pastoral development of our pupils.  Absolutely no stone was left unturned.

Apart from receiving this recognition, what was particularly pleasing about this evening was the positive comments made about our pupils - some of whom appeared on film.  These are the young men that we strive so hard to mould; the pupils whose abilities, personalities, manners and achievements help remind us about the preciousness - and value - of the vocation we are called to.

This Award was not achieved without a huge amount of effort by many people - over a long period of time.  I would like to thank you for the part that you played - not only on the day of judging - but continue to play on a daily basis.  In particular I would like to thank Mrs Mary Jo O'Carolan for all of her work in making this recognition possible.

Finbar Maddden