SAFEGUARDING Services available for people over 11 who self-harm | HSC Public Health Agency.

To mark Self Harm Awareness Day (1 March), the Public Health Agency published information about services available

for people who self-harm, including  telephone numbers for a service called 'Self-Harm Intervention Programme' (SHIP), and booklets for people who self-harm and their families. This service is available for children aged 11 -18 years and their families. Children are referred to this service via their G.P. however parents/carers can contact the service directly for advice and support. 
The link below takes you to this information and may be useful if you are worried about a young person in your care.
This information has also been posted on the EANI Safeguarding and Child Protection webpage under the existing heading 'Mental health'.

Two links to have a look at,


Marie Louise O’Kane
Designated Teacher Child Protection.