Year 11 Examination Schedule

The coming academic year will see Year 11 students continue to complete significant percentages of their GCSE courses. We encourage you to lend every support to your son's efforts to complete their academic examinations successfully.

Hopefully, this abbreviated schedule will facilitate you in fulfilling this shared aim.



Wednesday 22nd February BIOLOGY - 9.30-10.30A.M.

Thursday 23rd February CHEMISTRY - 9.30a.m. - 10.30a.m.

Friday 24th February PHYSICS – 9.30-10.30a.m.

MAY 2023

Monday 15th May - Religious Studies 9.15-10.45

Tuesday 16th May - Biology DAS/SAS 9.15a.m. - 10.30a.m.

Wednesday 17th May - English Literature 9.15a.m. - 11.a.m.

Thursday 18th May - History Unit 1 9.15- 11.00a.m. and

AFTERNOON Irish from 1.30pm - 2.30 pm Or

2.45p.m. AND Digital technology Unit 1 1.30pm -2.30p.m

Friday 19th May - Mathematics Units 1-4 9.15 - 11 or 11.15a.m.

AFTERNOON Business Studies Unit 1 1.30pm - 3.30pm

Monday 22nd May Chemistry 9.15- 10.15 a.m. or 10.30a.m.

AFTERNOON Geography Unit 1 1.30pm - 3.30p.m.

Thursday 25th May – Physics DAS/SAS 9.15a.m. - 10.15a.m.

Tuesday 30th May AFTERNOON German Unit 4 Writing 1.30pm - 2-45p.m.

June 2023

Monday 5th June - AFTERNOON French Writing Unit 4 1.30p.m -2.45p.m.

Wednesday 7th June Mathematics Units 6-8 approx 9.15a.m. - 12noon (various starting and ending times based on the unit they will do).

Thursday 8th June Spanish Writing 9.15a.m 10.30p.m.

Wednesday 14th June Tech and Design Unit 1 9.15a.m. - 10.45a.m.