St Columb's College


St Columbs College has been welcoming teachers from China to offer lessons in Mandarin Chinese language and culture since 2012 when we became a Confucius Hub.  All students in KS3 receive an introductory lesson in the first term and are then invited to choose to continue lessons on a regular basis.  

This is a fantastic opportunity for students to get first-hand experience to meet a teacher from the other side of the world and engage in a new language and culture.  Lessons are also available to students in Y13 during their Curriculum Enrichment Programme and can give them a valuable insight into the many opportunities they might have when pursuing a global career.

The Confucius Institute not only provides us with excellent, highly qualified and experienced teachers but also offers language competitions, Chinese New Year painting competritions as well as a wide range of cultural workshops such as Chinese name calligraphy, dragon dance, Chinese musical instruments, Yue opera, panda paper folding and much more.  

Ms Zhang Xiancui has been teaching in St Columbs College for the past three years.  She is very popular with all our students who are enthusiastic learners and enjoy the opportunity to step into a different world when Ms Zhang teaches them about the language and music and culture of her home country.  Students who continue to engage well in the classes are also invited to take the YCT1 and/or YCT examinations in Mandarin Chinese which will provide them with a certificate in foundation and intermediate language skills.  


  • Ms Zhang Xiancui
  • Ms Marion Lubbeke (Coordinator)

Courses Offered

Mandarin Chinese Language and Culture