St Columb's College


Manufacturing contribute to society and the economy. Students engage in topics such as materials & systems, commercial & industrial issues, emerging technologies, environmental issues & sustainable development. 

The CCEA GCSE course provides students with a range of practical and theory based units. Students are taught through a range of resoyrces, with demonstrations provided to give students a better understanding of processes. Students complete practical tasks at GCSE that develop hand skills working with a range of materials. Students also utilise computer aided design packages such as SolidWorks to complete controlled assessment tasks. 

The BTEC Engineering course is made up of four units that provide students with an insight into engineering-based activities. Students work with multiple teachers with focus on specialist areas. Students who stuidy BTEC Engineering are challenged and engaged with meaningful discussions to provoke higher level thinking. 


  • Mr S Donnelly
  • Ms L Murray
  • Miss M McWilliams
  • Miss E O'Donnell
  • Mr N O'Donnell
  • Miss E Kerr
  • Mr D Marlow

Courses Offered

KS3 Engineering & Manufacturing
GCSE Engineering & Manufacturing