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Government and Politics


Government and Politics A-level has been taught at St. Columb's College since 1998 and is a very popular (and successful) subject, with large numbers of students in Years 13 and 14, many of whom go on to study the subject at university. We believe that Politics affords students the opportunity to investigate, understand and appreciate key political issues, events and personalities and helps them to recognise the influence that these have had in shaping our world today.

Government & Politics is a challenging and engaging subject that require academic vigour as well as independent thinking and enthusiasm. The subject carry a lot of weight when it comes to further education and later employment but also provide the opportunity for A-Level students to challenge their own preconceptions about the past and learn a great deal about the world in which we live.

The Department has a long-established Politics Society run by an elected committee of Year 13/14 students. The Politics Society organises talks by visiting speakers - including politicians, journalists and representatives from pressure groups. We also hold 'mock elections', which enable students to experience political campaigning and debate issues.

What our pupils think:

~..I enjoy studying Politics as it gives me a chance of keeping up to date with current affairs

˜..Politics increases awareness of national/international issues

˜..Politics helps develop key skills…which can be used in other subjects like History, English, Economics

˜..The Politics Society is an excellent way of developing organisational skills…it gives us a voice

˜..Politics gives me the chance to meet Political leaders from all sections of the community in Northern Ireland

˜..Politics is excellent as I can learn how the decisions that affect me are made in Stormont and Westminster



  • Mr L Boyle (Subject leader)
  • Mrs N Barr
  • Mr J McQuillan

Courses Offered

AS level Government and Politics
A2 level Government and Politics