St Columb's College


In the History department, our goal is to create a passion and enthusiasm for the subject amongst all of our students, by developing an understanding and appreciation of the relevance of significant people and events in our local, national and international past and present. 

This interest is nurtured through a curricular and extra-curricular approach. Differentiated teaching methodologies are used to help develop key skills that can be used across a wide range of subjects, especially online engagement with digital resources and online learning via Google Classroom. Pupils also benefit from extra-curricular experiences in the subject at all key stages, with visits to historical sites and museums in KS3, trips to the Museum of Free Derry and Berlin at KS4, and participation in programmes such as the 'Lessons from Auschwitz' project at KS5.

At all times, our students are encouraged to develop independent learning, literacy, communication and critical thinking skills. This is supplemented by teacher support and tailored resources that help fulfil each pupil's potential. Individual and collective achievements within the department are acknowledged on a regular basis via school social media and communication with parents, developing a culture of celebrating success.


  • Mr J McQuillan (Head of Department)
  • Mrs C McLaughlin
  • Mr J Johnston
  • Mr L Boyle
  • Mrs N Barr
  • Mrs D Ferry

Courses Offered

KS3 History
CCEA A-level History