St Columb's College
Religious Education


The RE department is vibrant, progressive and well organised. It puts a premium on building healthy and supportive relationships with pupils, parents/guardians/carers and staff. We strive to put Christ at the centre of all we think and do and say. We earnestly try to live by our school motto: Quaerite Primum Regnum Dei - Seek first the Kingdom of God.

Pupils have a purposeful and positive expereince in RE. They are gently encouraged to realise their full potential and to build on their natural talents and abilities. Religious Education programmes meet the requirements of the N.I. Curriculum by focusing on the three main attainment targets of Revelation, Church teaching and morality. Our pedagogy is innovative and stimulating and encourages learners to be independent and creative.


  • Mr Mark McConnellogue (Subject leader)
  • Miss Lisa Doherty
  • Mrs Justine McLaughlin
  • Mrs Catherine Crossley

Courses Offered

Key-stage 3 Fully Alive Programme 1, 2 and 3

Module 6: An Introduction to Christian Ethics (50%)
Module 7: An introduction to the Philsophy of Religion (50%)

Unit 7: Foundation of Ethics including medical ethics (20%)
Unit 8: The Philosophy of Religion (20%)

A2 - level
Unit 7: Global Ethics (30%)
Unit 8: Themes in the Philosophy of Religion (30%)