Digital Access



ParentPay is a digital payment method, accessed through a secure website ( ParentPay takes payments via debit card or credit card with a third non-card payment option called PayPoint. To access the ParentPay system the school will issue you with a username and password. This is normally posted to new students as part of an induction pack during the month of August.

If you have two or more children at a ParentPay school (either at St Columb’s or another local school who use Parentpay), you only need to activate one account to create your main account and then add your children via the ‘Add a child’ tab on your home page. Please visit and activate your account via the ‘Account Login’ on the home page of the site. Once you have activated your account you can make online payments straight away.

Parentpay uses a series of ‘purses’ to allocate payments to different areas (e.g. School lunches, a school trip etc.). The main day-to-day purse is the ‘Top-up Account’ which pupils use to pay at the canteen and Link area for food and drink and also at the School Bookstore to purchase stationery.

Please note that the Parentpay system does not store any confidential card data but will keep a record of your transactions for you to review at any time.


Paypoint is a UK and Ireland system used to allow customers to make payments without the need for a credit or debit card at a locally designated Paypoint store (usually a community shop or Post Office). Should you wish to make use of Paypoint for a Parentpay item then please request a paypoint letter for the item from the school. You will receive a uniquely barcoded letter to make the payment. Please note that the letter can only be used to pay for that single item and nothing else.

Should you have any technical difficulties regarding the Parentpay system then the school’s ICT support team will be happy to provide assistance.