School Uniform

The school uniform consists of:

  • Black blazer with College crest.  The blazer must be worn at all times on the school corridors;
  • Black trousers of conventional cut and full length (no cords, denim or tracksuit bottoms). Trousers must be worn in a conventional manner at the waist;
  • White shirt, fully tucked in, with the top button fastened and with the appropriate Key Stage tie worn to the top;
  • The appropriate Year badge which must be visible at all times.  This badge remains the property of the school and must be replaced immediately if lost or mislaid;
  • Grey v-necked pullover (if worn);
  • Black socks (at least ankle length)
  • Any conventional style of shoe or boot which must be wholly black (trainers are not acceptable).
  • In winter months the school coat is permitted (no hoodies or non-uniform coats).

In addition:

  • Badges or emblems which are not school-related are not permitted on school clothing; 
  • Belts (if worn) must be wholly black and with a conventional buckle;
  • Pupils are expected to be clean shaven. 
  • Outlandish hairstyles, colours (including streaks, braided extensions) tramlines or shaven patterns are not permitted. This includes hair that has been shaven at different lengths, Mohican style haircuts or any unblended shaved patterns. Hair must be neat and presentable.  For health and safety reasons long hair must be tied back at all times. The Principal will have the final judgement to deem the hairstyle appropriate or inappropriate to school policy.
  • Ear-rings, studs or other visible piercings etc. must not be worn (Sixth Form students are permitted to wear a ring on one finger); 
  • Only the approved school uniform should be worn inside the school building between 8.30 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. and when representing St Columb’s at events outside the school.

P.E. Uniform

Key Stage 3 pupils are requested to equip themselves with College PE Kit available to purchase online from MFC Sports. Pupils may wear the College PE Kit to school on the day they have PE.


Black trousers
Black blazer with school crest
White shirt
Grey woollen jumper
School tie
Black shoes
Black, ankle length socks

PE Uniform

St Columb’s College jersey, shorts and socks.

A full range of St Columb’s PE clothing (including overcoat, soft shell jacket, body warmer, half zip, hoodie, jumper, skinnies, bobble hat, kit bag) are available to order online from our supplier MFC Sports.