Access from Home

Logging into C2K Outside of School         
  • Open your web browser 
  • Go to
  • Log in to MY‐SCHOOL using your C2k Username and Password. 
  • Your MY‐SCHOOL will be loaded. 
Accessing Email 
  • From the Launch panel, click on Office365 which takes you to a second login screen. 
  • Click on Continue to Signin. 
  • On the Office365 screen click on Outlook.
Accessing Files 
To access your personal documents or Shared  areas: 
  • From  the  Launch  panel,  Select View  All
  • Click  on  Files  and  Apps section on the left hand side.  
  • Click  MyFiles  –  launch app
  • This will open a view of your Documents area within school. 
  • NB MyFiles  should  only  be  used  to access files and documents when you are  not  connected to your school network, eg. at home.  
  • The main part of the screen displays the contents of the selected drive, eg Home drive, Shared Resources etc. 
Downloading Documents 
To download a document: 
  • Select the required document and click on the toolbar 
  • right click the required document and select Download.
  • Click open
  • Save the document to an appropriate location on your device.
  • A  message appears at the bottom of the  screen regarding opening or saving the document, eg 'Do you want to open or save...'
Uploading Documents 
To Upload a document to MyFiles: 
  • Open MyFiles 
  • Click Upload on the toolbar
  • The Uploading of multiple files box appears  
  • 2  tabs  are  available: Simple  and  Flash.  Either tab can be used to upload your  file(s). 
  • Click Browse
  • Navigate  to  the  location  of  the  document  (the  area  where  you  saved the document) 
  • Select the file and click Open
  • Multiple files can be uploaded if required. 
  • Click Upload. The document will be available in your My Documents when you next log onto a C2k managed device in school.

Click here to reset your c2k password from home

Queries regarding learning from home can be directed to